Friday, June 6, 2008

Budgeting tid-bits

So yesterday, while I was laying out my grand scheme on how I was going to save money and how I as going to spend it, I forgot a few things ...

I have two dogs and they have needs that often require money. These include:
*grooming (every few months or so)
*vet care
*food and treats
*anything that needs to be replaced (usually leashes every few years ...)

I also forgot to lay down a plan or allow any money to pay off my bills.
*I am going to continue to pay down my big card debt with the minimum payment (~$30)
*For the 3 smaller ones I want to keep paying them off in increments of $50 or so (depending on how much I can spare) until they are gone.

I think that about covers it.

Also - I have a friend who will be joining me as an author of Master of My Money. She should start writing here in a few days so get excited! She is quite the opposite of me financially. She doesn't like to spend money at all and is a self proclaimed "cheap chick". She is also getting ready to move out to sunny California in December which will bring an even more interesting twist to the blog as we get to follow her on her journey out to the wild (and more expensive) west.

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